What does a boutique experience looks like

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I was hiking around Gresham Butte last week, it’s a neighborhood in the Portland area that’s new to me. Gresham Butte itself was a beautiful small wooded area with a few paths running through it. One part of the hike lead me to downtown Gresham which, I discovered, is full of cute locally owned stores. I stumbled upon a dress shop and had to walk in. I LOVE dresses, I wear them all the time! I especially 50s/60s style dresses.

I immediately noticed that everything was well curated, from the decorations on the wall, the posters, accessories, and Hawaiian shirts for men. It was like I stepped back in time to 1960. It all pointed to someone who spent quality time and money to make the store shine. 


I always look at pricing when it comes to dresses, as a result, I also noticed the tag said “Made in the USA”. When I touched the fabric, it felt completely different than the fabric of dresses for a dress shop at the mall. It had a slightly soft, less manufactured feel.

I had the opportunity to meet the owner of the store, in addition is also the designer of the dresses. I had a great conversation and I really connected with her. I told her I would come back to her shop with friends and family and have fun trying on dresses and finding the right fit. 

Here’s the thing – in business, being a boutique can really help you leverage and attract the right clients. I was drawn into this shop and noticed the owner said hi right away. I was instantly impressed with the decor and curated clothes and accessories. I was her target market, I love these types of dresses and want to support USA made clothing. I knew immediately that I was in the right place and would be treated right. Within a few minutes of the conversation,  I could relate with the owner and ask her in more detail about the dresses, where the fabric was sourced from, and what sizes were available. 

We offer our own version of boutique style services, just like the dress shop:

  1. You talk directly with the owner – me. At other agencies, you might work with a few different project managers and won’t have the opportunity to work with the same person again and again. 
  2. We give more time to clients because we only take on a few clients at a time. You can also assume we don’t take on big clients such as Nike and have to drop everything and ignore you. We have the time to plan more real-time meetings to review proposals, different touch points in the project and make sure you know exactly what’s going on. Expect high-touch responses like thank you notes and more communication.
  3. We provide a faster turnaround time because we don’t take on more projects than we can handle.
  4. You’ll know the team who will be handling different pieces of the website.  It won’t be handed off-shore, all of our team resources are curated in the Pacific NW.
  5. We are focused on working with professional services such as attorneys and mediators. We focus our energy knowing the trends and the needs of the legal industry. We aren’t spending time and learning about e-commerce and membership sites. We are experts in trust-building professional websites for service providers.

We pride ourselves on our high-touch service and investing time in our clients.

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